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Vallis Alps Gives An Empowering Backstory on ‘Oceans’

From the sea of new music coming out on September 1st, Vallis Alps surprised fans with a remarkable new single. “Oceans”, the latest from the Sydney-based electronic duo, is their most upbeat release yet. This new track arrives on the heels of their Fable EP release from March 2017.

Last Friday, the band shared the new single “Oceans” with fans and provided some back story as well. For Parissa Tosif and David Ansari, “Oceans” is much more than just a catchy tune to lift one’s spirits. Here’s what the duo had to say:

“’Oceans’ was born from a conversation we had about Tahirih, a 19th century woman who fought and died for the emancipation of women in Iran. It led us to think about the daily sacrifices that women make in the fight for equality and we wanted to write a song about carrying that weight and thriving in spite of it. As ‘Oceans’ formed, it became both a celebration and an expression of admiration for those figures in our lives and in history that are examples of this.”

Vallis Alps is also finishing up a tour with remaining gigs in the US, Australia, and Europe.

The last two stops in the US leg of the tour include Los Angeles on Sep 8 and San Diego on Sep 9. Afterwards, they will tour several Australian cities as part of Listen Out Festival and then embark on a brief European tour in October.

Tickets for the Vallis Alps tour are available for purchase HERE.

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