Valentino Khan Shares Pounding Mid-Tempo Single 'Deathproof' [Listen]

Valentino Khan Shares Pounding Mid-Tempo Single ‘Deathproof’ [Listen]

Following up behind “Blackmail,” Valentino Khan continues his momentum with yet another release, titled “Deathproof.”

With such an intriguing song name, Khan continues the intrigue as he taps into the mid-tempo genre, looking to his roots for inspiration and truly showing off his musical production capabilities. Khan was influenced early on during his formative years listening to french electro and blog haus, which undoubtedly makes its way into the vigorous production of “Deathproof.”

This release definitely shows his fans a different side of his music, one that many were probably already familiar with after listening to some of his recent live stream sets. His knack for venturing into the unknown has paid off for him in the past, and we are excited for what more is to come.

“Deathproof” is the second single from Khan’s upcoming EP, with more to be released every two weeks. Keep an eye out for his upcoming new music.

“This next series of releases blends my own sounds with the inspirations I’ve drawn from this era of dance music. In doing that, I’m looking to continue to evolve as an artist by bringing a fresh perspective to the table sonically. I truly am looking forward to sharing these upcoming records with everyone and showing why I’m so passionate about dance music.“
Valentino Khan

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