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Urban Cone Dishes On Their Success, Struggles, and Upcoming Album [Exclusive Interview]

Formed in 2010, Swedish indie electro-pop band Urban Cone is finally ready to hit the United States. High school friends, Rasmus Flyckt (vocals/keyboard), Emil Gustafsson (vocals/bass), Tim Formgren (guitar), and Jacob Sjöberg (keyboard), have enjoyed success in Sweden following their first two albums–2013’s Our Youth and 2015’s Polaroid Memories.

The foursome have played several shows on this side of the Atlantic in the past. But, after signing with Interscope Records earlier this year, the band is back for their first North American headline tour alongside label-mates Nightly.

We got to speak with Urban Cone before their New York City show about coming to the US, working with music-video maven Diane Martel, and what to expect from their upcoming album.

You’re about to start your first headline tour in the US alongside Nightly. Coming from Sweden, how does it feel to finally reach this point in your career?

“It’s just crazy. A headline tour in the US has always been one of those bigger goals we’ve had since we were kids. We are super excited!”

Are there any songs you’re especially excited to perform?

“We’re going to perform a bunch of new songs which we hope our fans will like! So, we’re kinda nervous. But it’s always fun to perform new material for the first time!”

You recently released the video for “Old School,” which was directed by Diane Martel, who’s directed some pretty iconic music videos. What was it like working with her?

“Diane is amazing. We really liked her and her ideas. She always asked for our opinion on things and really let us be a part of the creation of the music video. She’s dope.”

What about working with all those kids?

“Those kids are rockstars. Super cool and professional, even though they had a hard time sitting still at times. They were all over the place and we loved it. They thought we had funny accents.”

What can fans expect from your upcoming album? How will it be different from everything that’s preceded it?

“We’ve worked with heavy hip-hop (ish) drum samples and a lot of funky guitar riffs. It still has a lot of our melodic language but just a bit more groove to it! If you see us on this tour you’ll have a taste of it.”

You’ve mentioned in the past that you went through a rough period while recording your last album, Polaroid Memories. How did your experience recording this new album compare to that?

“This time everything has been great! We moved into the studio for a couple of weeks and recorded it all at once. When we recorded Polaroid Memories we were also touring and didn’t really get a chance to sit down and really focus on the recordings and ourselves. This time around it feels a lot better.”

Chances are the new album will reach a lot of people who have never heard your music before. Is there anything else you want these first time listeners to know about Urban Cone?

“We’re glad you are here and hope you wanna stay for a while cause we like you.”

Don’t worry, Urban Cone, we like you guys too.

The group stopped by the Mercury Lounge in New York City on May 25 for the second show of their tour, and if the night was any indication, Urban Cone is bound to only get bigger from here.

The band’s sound is infectiously catchy and feel-good, making for an easily enjoyable live show. Highlights were their latest funk-filled single “Old School” and “Come Back To Me,” a track from Polaroid Memories featuring the band’s good friend Tove Lo.

Tickets for the rest of their tour can be purchased on the band’s website.

Photo Gallery: All photos by Casey Tomchek

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