uomo's 'All I Hear' is a Warm Indie-House Embrace [RB Premiere]

uomo's 'All I Hear' is a Warm Indie-House Embrace [RB Premiere]

Petrio Filippone, aka Australian newcomer uomo, is here with “All I Hear,” one of the first songs he ever wrote for the uomo project. Encompassed by soft electro-dance elements, this release and the lyrics that accompany are both passionate and emotional, the feelings that goes hand-in-hand with a new relationship.

uomo explains that this track “tells the story of beginning a relationship and finding how quickly your personality changes and becomes a reflection of the person you’re falling in love with.” Jumping into a relationship can leave one feeling doubtful and left second guessing, a feeling that uomo has encapsulated into this track.

Check out “All I Hear” below:

To help bring the first song of the project to life, uomo connected with two friends from Adelaide, Australia to help visualize a music video to accompany. Once he realized that he could make this dream a reality, he tapped another friend [Luke] who does interpretive dance to choreograph something for the clip. His other pals directed, shot, and edited the film clip, and uomo was “blown away with how good of a job they did.”

The metaphor is that the black and white is the juxtaposition of thoughts and feelings, and Luke (his friend) was my conscience fighting to keep everything under control. As the track goes on there’s a moment of realisation and colours begin to show. The epiphany shows that the colours that seemed black and white before actually have a spectrum to them, but it can take time to see it.”

Featured image via artist.

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