Unlimited Gravity Drops Funky Bass Single, 'Caution Tape' [Listen]
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Unlimited Gravity Drops Funky Bass Single, ‘Caution Tape’ [Listen]

Unlimited Gravity, aka Ronnie Weberg, is the rising Picasso of electronic music. In this latest release, he debuts both his vocalist and production skills. “Caution Tape” is an undeniable hit that draws in a spectrum of musical tastes.

Weberg described his new single as:

“…a soulful feel good song depicting a certain struggle of wanting to take sexual chemistry past a private threshold. What happens behind the Caution Tape are the unspoken actions of lust and love.”

He combines bright piano loops and bouncing beats, making for a funky and energetic intro. His rich voice rings through the song, singing “it’s safe to say we can’t communicate what were trying to say/the way we want to make trouble inside this caution tape.

Like a detonated bomb, the track blasts into an energetic drop filled with heavy dub synths and hard-hitting drum kicks.

Just as Picasso pioneered Cubism in the 20th century, Weberg is revolutionizing the EDM scene with his original sound.

Listen to “Caution tape” Below:

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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