Unlike Pluto Releases Extravagant EP 'life in minor' [Listen]

Alternative electronic producer Unlike Pluto is ending a busy year on a strong note with his brand new EP Life in Minor.

Hard work pays off, as Los Angeles-based Unlike Pluto can surely attest. After cranking out release after release with a creative approach to content and multimedia that helped grow his fan base substantially in 2019, the multitalented producer brings us seven more stellar tracks on life in minor.

Over the course of the year, Unlike Pluto released an unimaginable amount of new singles, introducing his captivating vocals on his productions for the first time. Oozing with alternative rock influence and modern electronic pop production, Unlike Pluto’s consistency across the releases is remarkable. It’s no surprise that life in minor follows suit while also bringing a fresh perspective, as the producer explains,

“After writing and releasing a song a week for months, I decided to step back and reflect. I felt like I was living ‘life in minor’, in one chord. For this EP, I took relatable topics and things everyone goes through, but had a surreal approach to the lyrics. This left everything up for interpretation, in an attempt to be sure no one could feel one way from the song, (like I was feeling). I also decided to make the fans a part of the last song by voting on the topic – They all voted “Sanity? Never heard of it.”Armond Arabshahi (Unlike Pluto)

In addition to inviting his fans into the fun on “Sanity“, Unlike Pluto continues to build a loyal following through his dedicated Minecraft server and unique approach to royalty-free uploads. As this undeniably successful year comes to an end, we have plenty of Unlike Pluto jams to keep us riding high.

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