RL Grime Announces Unique Concept for Upcoming Tour + Album [Must See]
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RL Grime Announces Unique Concept for Upcoming Tour + Album [Must See]

There is no doubt that RL Grime is cooking up something new for fans. After the recent release of the hot single “Reims” and multiple festival/club sets, new music and a tour along with it seems to be imminent any day now.

Reddit is known for leaking information prior to the legitimate announcement and this seems to be the case for RL Grime. A photo with RL’s name at the bottom, plus different cities going in a circle above his name has been discovered and posted online.

Among this list of cities is a handful of Washington locations, plus Live Oak, Florida (aka Hulaween); New Orleans, Louisiana (potentially Voodoo); Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia, and more. There is no specific date for the tour, but by the looks of it, a fall tour can be assumed by the cities listed.

Halloween revolves around RL Grime, and it seems that he will be making his entrance for 2017 around then. Despite the wait, we are excited for the comeback of trap.

Update: Our friends over at YourEDM have reported that a select group of fans have received a very special package in the mail from RL Grime himself. The package includes a personal letter to fans describing the concept behind “Nova.”

“Nova” will officially serve as RL’s theme for 2017. You can read his explanation to fans below!

RL Grime’s letter reads:

“Since the release of VOID, I’ve quietly been working on the next chapter of the RL Grime project. I take pride in ensuring there is true meaning and purpose behind the music I release. The landscape has changed significantly since my last album, and the past few years have been helpful in gaining perspective on what that purpose is.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world off the things I’ve made, and the realization I’ve come to is this: From the artwork, to the music videos, to the live show; hearing the music is just a part of a much greater whole. The thing that unites it isn’t just RL Grime, it’s your experiences. For this next chapter, just like you’ve been with me to share the results of the process, this time I want to share the journey with you as well.

I am calling this journey Nova.

Nova will define and encompass every part of the RL Grime project over the coming years. More than just an album, or a show, or a single narrative, I want the Nova project to create spaces where you can feel part of the process and support platforms for your own ideas, while allowing me to share mine too. So it won’t just be me setting the storyline. Your input and the way you engage with my music and performance has always driven me forward, and will be a vital part of what I do over the coming year. To see if we can make something both mysterious and honest… build off the feeling of getting the whole picture, from start to finish.

Nova will always, always, start with the fans. To those who have been with me since the beginning: thank you. I can’t wait to see where this journey leads.

– Henry” 

Are you ready for RL Grime? 2017 seems to be his year! 

Fans can buy their own copy of the letter here



Photo by Becca Wilbee.

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