Underscores Makes Bitbird Debut With Bouncy New Single [Listen]
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Underscores Makes Bitbird Debut With Bouncy New Single [Listen]

Underscores just shared an eccentric new melodic single “about the kid that never left the house.”

With two EPs and many more spectacular singles and collaborations to call his own in 2018, New York-based experimental producer Underscores caps off an incredible year with his newest single “About The Kid That Never Left The House.” The Bitbird release is another exceptional example of his melodic mastery of whimsical blips.

The track serves as a follow-up to an earlier 2018 release, “About The Kid That Ran Away.” A tale of two extremes, the former details a child’s momentary runaway escape into the world before ultimately returning home to his panicked parents. On the latter, musing melodies intermix through all registers on the first half of the track, as the child contemplates the dullness of a life trapped inside. As Underscores describes,

“The parents become really protective of their kid and as a result, the kid isn’t really allowed to leave the house. In the string section toward the end, I imagined that while the parents are sleeping, the kid opens the front door and just stares outside, longing to go back out and play again or something like that.”-Underscores

The playful single closes out Underscores’ busy year with an exclamation point. We’re excited for more to come from the producer and luckily have plenty to hold us over from his catalog and work as part of label/artist collective six impala, including a handful of mind-blowing live mashups from the archives.

Check out “About The Kid That Never Left The House” from Underscores below and stay tuned for more!

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