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Under The Current: The Best New Music You Haven't Heard Yet

Summer is here, and we have the music to soundtrack your warm weather adventures.

Whether you’re laying out in the sun, dancing in the darkness underneath the moonlight, or struggling to make it through the day in your office, we have new music to suit your mood.

Check out our favorite new tracks from the past week, and stream the entire playlist below.

Ali Stone – En Mis Manos EP

En Mis Manos is an eclectic five-piece EP blurring the limitations between new age house, minimal techno and contemporary pop. The young Colombian artist showcases her versatility as both as a bi-lingual vocalist and a multi-genre producer on the dark, diverse EP.

metsä – All Night

“All Night is a chilled out yet danceable track with earworm lyrics and creative synthwork. Lolaby and I wrote this song when we first met in LA back in 2017, we knew we had created something worth holding onto after finalizing it. So when RAC + Goldroom approached me two years later to release music under their new label Minerva, I had the perfect track.”metsä

Rammstein – Ausländer (Felix Jaehn Remix)

I never thought I would be talking about Rammstein on here, but the world is a strange place. Felix Jaehn transcends genres on this remix, blending Rammstein’s aggressive sound with the feel-good summer music he’s known for.


Solé is a beautiful collection of left-of-center house music anthems. Brand new tracks join established bangers like “Feel My Love” and “Tits on a Tricycle” for a fresh collection of songs that we’ll be playing out all summer.

“I’m so humbled to share Solé with the people who made it what it is! My friends, family and fans are all behind this, and it’s been an amazing year preparing everything to share with everyone.” – SNBRN


Henry Fong x Rawtek – Irie (ft Craigy T.)

“Irie” is a high-energy dance track perfect for summer ragers, and combines elements of upbeat reggae music with Henry Fong’s global bass sound.

“I had so much fun collaborating with Rawtek and Craigy-T, and we really believe in the potential of the record. We wanted to add our own tropical twist to the UK bassline house sound, and it seems to be a crowd favorite every time it’s played out!” – Henry Fong

Børns – Electric Love (Cole Jackson Remix)

“Electric Love” has become a staple in every summer playlist, and Cole Jackson has put an electronic spin on it perfect for backyard dance parties. The 17-year-old newcomer adds this chilled out reboot to a repertoire that includes remixes of Billie Eilish and A$AP Rocky.

Hope Tala – D.T.M.

West London newcomer Hope Tala has a bossa nova influenced soul sound that’s sultry and infectious. “D.T.M.” is the second single from her upcoming EP, following the booming success of her addicting first single “Lovestained”.

“The person who initiates ending a relationship often gets accused of not feeling anything- of being insensitive and heartless- and I wrote this song from the point of view of that person asserting their own sorrow and sensitivity about a relationship ending.” – Hope Tala

Leah Kate – Do What I Wanna Do

Young New York City artist Leah Kate is crafting inescapably catchy and deeply personal electronic pop music. On “Do What I Wanna Do” Leah Kate’s soaring vocals narrate a secret relationship that you want to bring to light.

Futuristic Polar Bears – You & Me

“You & Me” is a vocal house gem evoking daydreams of spontaneous summer romances in exotic locales.

These are just a few of the songs in the newest update to Freshly Picked Beats. Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist in its entirety below.


Featured Image: Hope Tala

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