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Under The Current: The Best New Music You Haven't Heard Yet

Under The Current is a guide to the best new releases from artists that need to be on your radar. 

This edition we dive into several experimental EPs, some heavy house bangers to heat up the autumn, and a good dose of the electro-pop that I love so much.

Check out our favorite new releases below, and stream our entire Freshly Picked Beats playlist, featuring these tracks and more.

JEANIE – Headshot

Hard-hitting producer JEANIE has had a busy year with a steady stream of music and launching her women in dance music-oriented community and platform GRL GANG.  “Headshot” is the third original release from JEANIE this year, and the trap-influenced track is another absolute banger for her impressive catalog of music. 

I wanted to create a track that had some interesting contrast with a soft intro and a hard-hitting drop. I tried to keep things simple, but heavy-hitting and it’s definitely been a fun one to play.”        – JEANIE


QUIET BISON – Nightfall EP

Portland-based Quiet Bison has been busy in his young career. Since the project was conceived in 2018 Quiet Bison has released two EPs and toured as direct support for What So Not. Nightfall, his third EP, expands on his experimental, innovative style.

“I got the idea for this EP when I was on a late night drive and felt that I needed music to keep me awake through the trip. I’m usually a night owl anyways, so a lot of this EP was written at night or just as the sun was rising while I was sleep deprived and a little out of it.” QUIET BISON

Oh Land x Arthur Moon – Replanting Family Tree EP

Danish composer Oh Land‘s original Family Tree is a departure from her earlier work, and is far more personal than anything she’s ever released. On this collaborative EP, Brooklyn avant-pop musician Lora-Faye Åshuvud, aka Arthur Moon reworks five of the tracks with an energetic electro-pop sound, creating a whole new atmosphere for Oh Land’s powerful vocals.

“Replanting Family Tree is like the upside down of my album Family Tree. It’s got a very electronic and playful vibe which gives the songs a different meaning…New soil, rainwater, sunlight gives an old tree with new roots in my forest.” – Nanna Øland Fabricius (Oh Land)

Shimza – Kings and Queens

South African producer Shimza is bringing afro-tech to the masses with his newest release on Hot Since 82‘s Knee Deep In Sound label. Perfectly representing Shimza’s signature sound, “Kings and Queens” is a dark and delectable cut filled with African rhythms and slick percussion.

Bless You – How I Feel

“How I Feel” is the debut track from Danish duo Bless You, and while this might be their first release, these childhood friends have a polished sound well beyond their catalog. Their club-ready production is backed by singer-songwriter Don Stefano’s emotional lyrics for a late-night dance track that hits you right in the feels.

Tiggi Hawke – NYC

Rising electro-pop star Tiggi Hawke‘s latest is a lovelorn, emotional synth-pop track that’s beautifully written and inescapably catchy.

“For me, this song is about looking back on a relationship that you can’t get over
and acknowledging that constant feeling that you’ve lost a part of yourself or
that you’ve left something of you with that person. It’s a bit of
both past and present, reminiscing on what you had and then still looking,
longing for and craving both it – and them! – on a daily basis.” – Tiggi

Mad Zach – No Past Lives EP

An intoxicating myriad of complex soundscapes, Mad Zach stuns yet again with impeccable sound design through four thoughtful tracks. The enigmatic producer puts his many influences on full display in No Past Lives; a mix of dub, hip-hop, techno, jungle, and various other styles, No Past Lives is the amalgamation of artistic passion and drive.

French79 – Hometown

Marseille-based electro-pop artist French 79 makes nostalgic, synth-filled music that harkens back to 80s sci-fi. His newest track “Hometown” and the accompanying music video fully embraces that sound.

“I use a musical palette that plunges me back into my teenage films: the synth sounds of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jacques Cousteau’s fascinating documentaries on the marine world, the melodies of François De Roubaix, the moods of films like Blade Runner,” – French 79

J. Worra – Bones (ft Ushi Quite)

Chicago native J. Worra is making a name for herself in the underground house scene with a steady stream of house bangers, and “Bones” does not disappoint. A banging piano line and alienesque sound effects meld with the distorted voice work of Ushi Quite for a trippy house track that we can’t get enough of.

Chet Porter – The Longest Day Ever

After a long stint of touring with some incredible artists like ODESZA, Alison Wonderland, and San Holo, followed by a much-needed break from producing and touring, Chet Porter is back with his first single in nearly three years.

“The Longest Day Ever” feels like a good launching point for the new music. I made it in a day just randomly in my bedroom when I was supposed to be finishing other music, and I knew right away it was gonna be the first song I put out. The whole thing is actually just a demo, really. The vocals are the rough idea I recorded into my phone, I hadn’t even written anything down yet. I tried re-tracking them for real but they just didn’t have the same vibe. The song is about not caring about anything, so sonically it’s actually kind of suiting. It’s not a “fun care-free” type of not caring, though. it’s more melancholy,” – Chet Porter

These are just a few of the songs in the newest update to Freshly Picked Beats. Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist in its entirety below.


Featured Image: JEANIE (credit: @oskar.me)

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