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Under The Current: The Best New Music You Haven't Heard

Summer may be over, but the music never stops. 

I spent the last days of summer combing through my inbox to deliver you the best new music, I hope you’re happy. Whether you’re looking to dance, cry, or just lay back and pretend it’s still summer, we have you covered.

Check out our favorite new tracks from the past week, and stream the entire playlist below.

CLAY – project 5

The incredibly talented singer-songwriter CLAY delivers pop-savvy indie music with poetic and witty lyricism. For her newest single “project 5” she teamed up with her partner, Maisie Richardson-Sellers for an emotional and moving video. Check out an interview with the talented couple at Diva Mag.

yetep – Petals From a Rose (ft Kyle Reynolds)

If you’re lamenting the end of summer and need a good cry sesh, I have the track for you. “Petals From A Rose” is a story inspired by resilience during heartbreak, being in love with someone who only gives you half of themselves and the toll it takes on your heart. From a simple voice memo provided by vocalist Kyle Reynolds, yetep was able to create a foundation of instrumentals to captivate the listener and accentuate the heartfelt emotions portrayed throughout the songwriting.

DEVAULT – Sapphire

One of the most unique audio/visual series of 2019 so far came courtesy of DEVAULT’s JADE EP, and now the first track from his follow-up series is here. It’s retro and fresh and at the same time, an intuitive record perfect for night drives and underground raves.

“I wanted to create something that pays homage to the music that got me so excited about electronic music in the first place,” he states, “the new wave sounds of the 80’s, the French Touch, and the rave music of the 90’s all influenced this record.” – DEVAULT

Miranda Joan – Happy To Have You

Montreal-born, Vancouver raised, and currently based in New York City, Miranda Joan’s soul-pop sound draws influence from both her English and French Canadian cultures. Featuring soulful vocals, upbeat driving rhythms and dance-worthy melodies, ‘Happy To Have You’ is a summery anthem reminiscent of modern day Macy Gray.

“Living far from home and far from the people I love, this song is about gratitude and about telling the people you love that you love them”. – Miranda Joan

Khanvict – Kahani EP

Pakistan-born Khanvict marries his Bollywood and Punjabi influences with modern bass music in his Kahani EP, which was created during Khanvict’s recent trip to the high-altitude deserts of Peru. His unique sound draws influences from diverse artists such as CloZee and Troyboi, as well his own heritage and his global travels, creating something that is entirely fresh.

Tiera Beverly – Can’t Talk

Tiera Beverly is a R&B neo-soul singer whose sultry vocals have us absolutely mesmerized. Her newest track features dramatic drums and soaring smokey harmonies, creating a throwback feel to Beverly’s love of 90’s girl groups.

“This song was inspired by what I view as the current state that we live in, as far as technology. I do like things about social media, but I do feel like we are in a world so fueled by the need for constant reassurance and instant gratification. I definitely think that a lot of people have such a short attention span and it can cause for insecurity in relationships”. – Tiera Beverly

DSKO – Vacation (ft Tamika)

Summer may be ending, but DSKO is keeping the sunshine vibes going strong. “Vacation” is a moombahton-inspired track with summery vocals courtesy of Tamika that makes it feel like summer never ended.

Labrinth – Vibes / Euphoria Theme (LUUDE Flip)

Australian phenom LUUDE is back with his first single since a life-threatening motorcycle accident earlier this year left him with head injuries and partially deaf in his left ear. While the road to recovery has been long, he’s finally at a point where he can produce again.

“I’m just stoked to be able to write music normally again, I’m more motivated than ever to really push things to a new level now – I’ve nearly finished the debut EP and while I was working on that a few remixes came together really quickly.. I’ve been loving the soundtrack to Euphoria so I couldn’t wait to do something with it” – LUUDE

Monsune – Outta My Mind

Monsune’s soulful music relies heavily on eclectic samples, drawn from yesterday and today, recontextualizing nostalgic sounds in a modern melting pot of musical influences.

AMMO – I Like It A Lot

In demand pop producer AMMO is branching out into one of the music world’s fastest rising genres with his debut house single “I Like It A Lot” which features the vocals of Sir Bloke. The track is as savvy and catchy as you would expect from someone who regularly produces for the Black Eyed Peas, and the vocals are instantly recognizable, as Sir Bloke is the mysterious alter-ego of a yet-to-be-named pop star.

These are just a few of the songs in the newest update to Freshly Picked Beats. Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist in its entirety below.


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