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Under The Current: The Best New Music You Haven't Heard Yet

Under The Current is our guide to the best new releases from artists that need to be on your radar. 

Winter is coming and with it plenty more hours of darkness to sit in your room and listen to music. Whether you want uplifting music to escape the season or melancholy tracks to fully embrace the darkness, we have you covered.

Check out our favorite new releases below, and stream our entire Freshly Picked Beats playlist, featuring these tracks and more.

Kidswaste – Need You

Returning from a brief creative hiatus, French producer Kidswaste is back with a fresh, innovative new single that showcases his full artistic skillset. “Need You” is written, produced, and sung by Kidswaste himself, and features emotive elements and heartfelt lyrics.

FLETCHER – One Too Many

Singer-songwriter FLETCHER has made a name for herself over the past year through a series of powerful songs that explore the many stages of post-breakup grief in her debut EP you ruined new york city for me. With her latest release, “One Too Many,” she’s one step closer to closure. But while the verses declare “I’m done with coming undone,” she launches one last salvo on the brutally honest, supremely relatable chorus.

PLS&TY – Summer’s Young (ft Dia Frampton)

“‘Summer’s Young’ was written to evoke and inspire all of the feelings of a summertime romance. Regardless of the current month, this record embraces freedom, adventure, creation, and more. The message is simple: life’s sweet and summer’s young. I hope that listeners are even temporarily taken to a place of no worries and pure bliss. Live in the moment and enjoy every second of it. Isn’t that what life should be about?” – PLS&TY

DSKO – Sad (ft Kat Saul)

Producer DSKO and rising pop artist Kat Saul join forces on this future bass crossover track. The track is an energetic, emotional journey through a breakup, bolstered by a beautiful vocal performance and powerful climactic production.


“Inspiration for this song sonically came from our background of loving hip hop, rock, and electronic music. Heavy guitar riffs, lots of bass, lots of vocal chops/vocal manipulation. It was also inspired by the thriller movies we love to watch. We envisioned a girl in the backseat of a car while a man drives up to the top of a look out point with the the moon bright over a 50s style car but things go wrong when the man turns evil and the girl falls victim. She’s looking through the rearview mirror, back at herself wondering if being in this position is worth all of the emotions she is going through. The song is a journey of becoming aware of the energy you want to have around you. It’s dark but uplifting, and intense but sultry.” – BONNIE X CLYDE

Maxe – Echo (ft ELI)

“Echo” is the debut track from 21-year-old producer Maxe, enlisting the help of rising singer-songwriter ELI, who supplies this track with an emotionally charged depth drawing on personal experience. Featuring fluttering flute soundscapes and soft percussion beats, “Echo” is a slice of pop meets dance perfection.

Versus – Nihon (ft Abigail Bailey)

With previous releases on Gorgon City’s Realm and Solardo’s Sola, Manchester duo Verus has found a new heavyweight to take on their music with Sonny Fodera and his Solotoko label. A progressive ensemble of enchanting synths and hypnotic percussion, “Nihon” features a melodic ambience boasting crossover potential as Abigail Bailey’s heavenly vocals soar over the arrangement.

Ms. White – Old Man Charlie (Friends In Town Remix)

Friends in Town are a new production collective from Brooklyn. Their first release “Old Man Charlie” is a collaborative remix with jazz singer, pianist, and artist Ms. White. The track combines classic house production, quirky chords and deep pulsing bass with Ms. White’s powerful haunting vocals.

Purple Haze – You & Me (Goose Remix)

Sander van Doorn‘s dark lesser-known alter ego Purple Haze recently enlisted Belgian electronic rock outfit Goose for vocals on his track “You & Me”. Now the track is getting the remix treatment from the band themselves, adding an extra layer of vocals and production to the dark, synth-driven track.

These are just a few of the songs in the newest update to Freshly Picked Beats. Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist in its entirety below.


Featured Image: Kidswaste (credit: shotbywozniak)

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