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Under The Current: The Best New Music You Haven't Heard Yet

Under The Current is a monthly guide to the best new releases from artists that need to be on your radar from all over the music world. 

February was a huge month for music, my overstuffed inbox can attest to that. With massive releases from artists as diverse as Justin Bieber and Tame Impala, it’s easy for a lot of quality music to get lost in the noise. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking for brooding dream-pop, dark techno, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our favorite new releases below, and stream our entire Freshly Picked Beats playlist, featuring these tracks and more.

Ellis – Embarassing

Hamilton, Ontario’s Linnea Siggelkow crafts hauntingly intimate dream-pop under the name Ellis. Her latest single “Embarassing” is the second offering from her upcoming EP Born Again and one of her most emotional, gorgeously layered tracks to date.

“I’ve come to realize that shame can be both good and bad, and the importance of recognizing the difference. I’ve felt it often when I shouldn’t have, when I’ve been made to feel guilty for things that have happened outside of my control, or for feeling ashamed of my body or my femininity or my feelings. But I think it’s important to also recognize that some things shouldn’t be justified, sometimes I act in wrong ways and hurt myself or others around me. I am learning to take responsibility for my actions and to hold myself accountable for the things that I should be embarrassed by, to say sorry, and to be better.” – Ellis

Soccer Mommy – color theory

One of the last releases of February was also one of the best of the entire month. After performing at a Bernie Sanders rally, it’s debatable whether Soccer Mommy is under the radar anymore, but what’s undeniable is her raw talent and infectious sound. Her album color theory is a beautiful story told in three parts, described below.

“blue symbolizes sadness and depression. the songs in this section are bloodstream, circle the drain. royal screw up, and night swimming; these all represent different parts of sadness/depression. the next section yellow, which symbolizes sickness – both physical and mental. these songs are crawling in my skin, yellow is the color of my eyes, and up the walls. this section is about my anxiety, my mother’s terminal illness, paranoia, and how all of those things have affected my relationships with people. the third and final section is gray, which represents darkness, emptiness, and loss. these songs (lucy, stain, and gray light) are about a fear of death, inner demons, and trauma.” – Soccer Mommy

Speaker Honey – Night Visions EP

Mau5trap prodigy Speaker Honey crafts an eerie blend of electro and techno on her Night Visions EP. The four-track EP is a nefarious combination of hypnotical vocals, dark bass, and techno beats that put her production skills on full display. While she’s new to deadmau5‘s label, she’s already established herself as one of the great talents on the roster.

VEAUX – You Won’t Say That

Nashville-based synthpop outfit VEAUX‘s new single “You Won’t Say That” is big electropop energy with hints of the indie-rock talent of their previous project.

“Approaching your thirties while being in the music industry has been an interesting journey. Life isn’t quite what we thought it would be, and while that may sound discouraging, we’re actually very excited to sing about it and let people into our world on a deeper level. This song is us grappling with the idea that our peers are now exiting their first marriages—that used to be a thing old people talked about and now it’s us.” – VEAUX

JEANIE – Speed

Brooklyn-based DJ/producer and certified trap and bass queen JEANIE has become a regular on Under The Current even as the series has moved away from primarily electronic music. In her words, “Sometimes a heavy trap banger is all you need,” and “Speed” is exactly that.

GRL GANG, JEANIE’s community and platform dedicated to expanding the presence of women in dance music, recently released their RIOT! Compilation in celebration of International Women’s Day and you’re going to want to blast it immediately.

Adam Kahati – 2:25 EP

New York native Adam Kahati is a pianist, guitarist, and songwriter making infectiously catchy dance-pop, and 2:25 is his incredibly polished debut EP. It’s a refreshing yet comfortable take on the genre that will have you singing along all the way through.

Sizzy Rocket – That Bitch

Seamlessly fusing bombastic punk-inspired riffs with electro-pop melodies, Sizzy Rocket is making empowering music that’s fun as hell.

“I hope it becomes the song you put on when you want to feel confident and sexy and dance in your mirror and let it all out and scream at the fucking world – because you’re THAT BITCH and you can be whoever the fuck you want to be!” – Sizzy Rocket

Cecile Believe – Last Thing He Said To Me In Person

Using her unique voice and production Cecile Believe searches to connect pop, sound design, and experimental music. After gaining acclaim for her work with the legend SOPHIE, Believe drops off the lead single from her upcoming debut EP Made In Heaven.

MYRNE x Manila Killa – Fluorescence EP 

After touring together last year, it was inevitable that Manila Killa and MYRNE would join forces to create something beautiful. The tracks on this record are a perfect example of both artists’ emotive, atmospheric brand of electronica, and by featuring their own vocals, the artists showcase their wide range of talents.

“‘Fear’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ are songs that encompass change and the experience of going through a transition of growththese songs are explorations of influences that both of us bonded over when we toured together.”

These are just a few of the songs in the newest update to Freshly Picked Beats. Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist in its entirety below.


Featured Image: Soccer Mommy (Credit: Brian Ziff)

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