Ultimate Guide to Different Industrial Tapes & Its Prominent Uses
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Ultimate Guide to Different Industrial Tapes & Its Prominent Uses

There are many items and articles in the world which require no introduction. They seem simple but are the most effective components of daily lives. These small things can vary from small stationery items to tools & machines. One of the most important items in businesses and industries is tape. 

Tapes are used in different industries for several purposes like the closure of material leakage, sticking things, electric insulation, packaging, and masking, among many other applications. Nowadays, tamper-evident tapes are in high demand due to their application. A tamper-evident tape manufacturer designs this in such a way that it addresses the packaging, security, and labeling needs in warehouses & godowns. 

4 Most Prevalent Types of Industrial Tapes & Its Applications

Apart from tamper evident tapes, there are various other common adhesive tapes. But numerous industrial tapes can be classified under 4 major kinds. The four types and its application are shown below.

  • Non-adhesive tape
  • Single-sided adhesive tape
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Transfer tape

Non-adhesive tape

These industrial tapes have an already applied adhesive but have a side coating that can stick (self-adherence). These kinds of tapes include different tapes under them with various uses like packaging, protection of surfaces, color differentiation, electrical insulation, safety, wiring systems, etc. 

The protective film under non-adhesive tapes has a variety of applications like safeguarding strong surfaces from excessive dirt, scratches, excessive paint or overspray, tear damage, removal of coating, etc. 

Another type of non-adhesive tape is the household transparent stretch wrap. These are usually seen at airports where packaged goods are received. Apart from packaging and protection, these tapes have various other uses like palletization of goods, cost-saving through bundle packaging, prevention of load tampering, goods storage, product distribution, etc. 

Plumber tape is also a common example of non-adhesive tape. Plumbers use this tape to seal and protect the pipes from leakage. It tightens the joints between the water tapes to make them more durable. 

Single-sided adhesive tape

As the name suggests, these tapes have only one side of them coated with adhesive material. There are mainly 5 types of single-sided adhesive types, namely:

  • Electrical Tapes 
  • Foam Tapes
  • Masking Tapes
  • Protection Tapes  
  • Foil Tapes 

These types of tapes are mainly used for different filling needs, electric components, safeguarding surfaces against corrosive substances, fixed sealing, and masking, among various other uses. 

These are also known to be used as aesthetic tapes because they aid in replacing editing bolts, welds, etc., with perfect finishing. These are used mainly on flat shiny surfaces like plastic & glass. The benefits of using single-adhesive tapes include the following:


  • The tape lowers vibration and has less noise sensitivity while applying the tape on slim surfaces.
  • It offers more effectiveness and flexibility, thereby providing strong bonding between materials. 
  • It helps stick two or more materials with less similar properties or qualities. 
  • A great option for giving perfect finishing touch after bonding, which cannot be attained with other mechanical fastenings.
  • More reliable option. It helps stop moisture with its super thickness material.

Double-sided Adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are those tapes that have adhesive coatings on both sides (out and inner). These are used widely in both household and industrial uses. The main usage of these tapes is when you require an invisible bond between materials. They provide exceptional bonding without showing their adhesion. There are various kinds of double-sided tapes, which are shown hereunder:

  • VHB Tape 
  • Thick Bonding Tape
  • Adhesive Transfer Tape
  • Thin Bonding Tape
  • Foam Tape

Double-sided adhesive tapes are applied for bonding in industrial applications, sticking non-similar items, textured surfaces bonding, and filling small negligible gaps in equipment and tools. 

  • These tapes are best suited for bonding on flat surfaces, but unlike single-sided tapes, they can also be effective on uneven and rough surfaces like cardboard, wood, paper, etc. The tape serves the following pros over other types of tapes.
  • Capable of bonding uneven or textured substances & surfaces.
  • Lowers the time for assembling and giving finishing touches as the tape effectively gives a clean bonding.
  • It acts as a great option for cheap mechanical fastening.
  • Similar to single-sided adhesive tapes, it reduces noise and vibration on the surfaces.

Transfer Tapes

Transfer tapes are among the most used and applied tapes in every household and industry. Several battery companies like beny electric use them. These tapes contain an adhesive film within them which allows the tape to be used directly on dry surfaces by removing a liner. These tapes are in high demand by industrial valve co, FMCG industries for packing, etc. 

These tapes have exceptional features that are highlighted as follows:

  • They are weatherproof and can resist UV rays.
  • They do not disturb the bonding due to temperature changes.
  • They can hold materials for a long time. 
  • These tapes are available in different materials like rubber, acrylic, etc., with different widths. 

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