TYNAN Starts Off 2023 With Bass House Banger 'Ducks On Acid' [Listen]

TYNAN Starts Off 2023 With Bass House Banger ‘Ducks On Acid’ [Listen]

TYNAN is ready to start off 2023 strong with his new single, ‘Ducks on Acid.’ The single is a true experimental bass house banger with inspiration from an actual duck, yes you heard that right.

“I was walking around a park near my house on a brisk fall morning when I happened across a
quaint scene of an elderly man feeding bread crumbs to a paddling of ducks. It was a quiet
picturesque moment plucked straight from a hallmark card that felt innocently free from the
struggles of day-to-day life. As if this moment could live untouched as a pure representation of
peace. Of course, my dumbass brain thought…

“what if he was feeding the ducks acid?” So I went home and made what that would sound like”

The dynamically expressive TYNAN is one of dance music’s great talents. Standing out is at the heart of his creative process that sees the producer conjure wondrous records of all genres that span the gamut from the iconically weird to the commercially viable.

And this one definitely falls in the realm of iconically weird, and we love it. So why not dive in below and give listen to what TYNAN feels Ducks On Acid probably sound like?

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