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TYNAN Goes 'Interdimensional' on New Collab [Listen]

This new music Friday is already ~LIT.~ Coming up from 2019’s breakthrough electronic producer TYNAN is an insane collaboration with vocalist Rouxx titled “Interdimensional.” This one will definitely smack live.

Listen to the song below:

Tapping vocals from the emo-tinged Rouxx, “Interdimensional” also intertwines TYNAN’s riveting bass lines, trap horns, and multiple drops that ensue madness. His re-contextualized production pounds with purpose, giving new meaning to “bass music.” TYNAN constantly challenges the boundaries within electronic music as he dives into various collaborations, remixes, and originals that boldy places his music into otherworldly realms.

Give “Interdimensional” a listen on our Freshly Picked Beats Spotify as well, and be sure to give our playlist a follow!

Featured image via artist. 

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