Read the Inspiration Behind TYNAN's 5-Track Experimental EP 'Pandora's Box'
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Read the Inspiration Behind TYNAN’s 5-Track Experimental EP ‘Pandora’s Box’

TYNAN just made his prominent return to never say die records with an awesome 5-track ep titled pandora’s box

Pandora’s Box features five different singles radiating with experimentation. Featuring collaborations with Wooli and Kompany, Pandora’s Box is both experimental as it is conceptual. Each single represents the “evils” inside Pandora’s Box as it is released into the world.

“I like to think these tracks showcase a new direction for my sound design that I’m developing. I felt the idea of Pandora’s Box encapsulated my feelings for this EP; as kind of a statement of where I want to go. Once you make that kind of a statement, you can’t go back.” – TYNAN

While the singles were created in early 2018, it wasn’t until TYNAN pieced them together that he realized what he created. This idea of releasing his music onto the world seemed to work well with the mythical theme of Pandora’s Box.

“It wasn’t until they [the tracks] were grouped together for an EP release that I got the idea of Pandora’s Box. It feels like the bow on top of this collection of tracks.”

And while the creative process behind the EP seems to stem from evil, TYNAN actually credits someone and something positive: his girlfriend.

“Earlier this year I moved my girlfriend from Minneapolis to Oklahoma to live with me. It was a huge step for me. I usually suck at long-term relationships, but this one always felt different. She makes me feel happy and less stressed. […] In the past, I had written songs from dark parts of my life. Whether I was lonely, or just trapped by the choices I’ve made in life. But with her, it’s different…

...Hell, the first song I wrote after she moved into Oklahoma was 785 (which is the distance, in miles, between us when we lived apart) I feel a new sense of clarity and focus that I haven’t felt in a while. […] This EP is me experimenting with and slowly developing my sound in a new direction – except for the Wooli one, that one he tricked me into making riddim. It’s something that I’m very proud of and I can’t wait to develop it even further in every direction.

Listen to TYNAN’s Pandora’s Box below!

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