100% of Proceeds from Tyler Lawrence Single Donated to NAACP

Listen to good music for a good cause. Tyler Lawrence‘s new single “The Heet” is donating 100% of proceeds to the NAACP. Lawrence is encouraging all to show support, attend marches, donate, and use your voice.

“The Heet” serves as a powerful showcase of Lawrence’s innate house music mastery. House music is a genre that’s guaranteed to get you in a good mood and let loose, one that the growing producer continues to explore with his production prowess. Named Beyond the Beats “the artist to watch in 2020,” Lawrence is pursuing his true passion of making music, cementing himself as a rising EDM artist with lots more originals en route.

Give “The Heet” a listen below:

“Now more than ever, people are realizing and acknowledging the blatant racism in this country. The same racism that has been around for centuries and never truly went away. We are at a pivotal point in history that signals a chance for real change. Music has always been such a big part of my life and so much of my work and creativity is influenced and inspired by the contributions of the Black community to music. I want to influence real change in any way I can. I want to encourage everyone I know to show support at marches, donate, use their voices to spread awareness and have tough conversations with family who have been blinded by their own environments. This contribution is just another small way I can try to influence change.”

– Tyler Lawrence

Featured image via artist.

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