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Tycho Develops Website That Builds A Playlist Based on Your City’s Weather

Tycho is a creative mastermind that extends beyond his musical production skills. He recently released his 8-track album titled Weather, and in fitting with the album name, he’s created a website that creates a playlist based on your city’s weather. We tried this on desktop, so not quite sure how it works on your phone, but you can play around with it here.

To make the playlist work, you click the sun in the middle of the screen once it pops up. From there, you may have to give it clearance to locate you. It’s a pretty cool thing and super unique.

Tycho’s eight-track LP Weather featured three lead singles: “Easy,” “Pink + Blue,” and “Japan.” Weather featured Los Angeles singer and songwriter Saint Sinner throughout most of the album.

Check out the website here. 
Listen to Weather below:


Featured image via artist. 

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