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Tycho Confirms New Album is on the Way After Three Long Years

Tycho has been mostly quiet since their massive 2016 LP Epoch took the music world by storm. The album lost in a close race at the Grammy’s for dance album of the year. While it’s been a long three years, the wait for a new album is finally over.

The band posted a photo on their Instagram showing a document with a date detailed “New Album.” That date listed was April 1st of this year, aka three weeks from now. While that seems ridiculously fast for any sort of promotion, Tycho himself hopped on Reddit to clarify that this only means the album is due by April 1st, and that they plan to release it during summer 2019.


Tycho has consistently brought quality production to each album, and it looks like we are going to be gifted with a fifth studio album this summer!

in the meantime, stream their only single of 2019 so far: “Jetty.

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