TWINSCALE Debuts Dynamic Genre-Blending 'Let's Pretend' [Listen] - River Beats Dance

TWINSCALE Debuts Dynamic Genre-Blending ‘Let’s Pretend’ [Listen]

TWINSCALE urges their listeners to “Remember The Good Times.” At a moment in history where separation is encouraged, they remind us to reach out to loved ones, reconnect over memories, and plan forward to future ones. Their newest single “Let’s Pretend” is out now with accompanying music video.

“Let’s Pretend” is a sonic nod to TWINSCALE’s impressive artistry. Composed of brothers Sean and Steven Jeria, TWINSCALE makes music from the heart. An immersive audio/visual project playing on color duality, “Let’s Pretend” is a powerful third installment from the pair. Serene vocals motivates listeners to “Remember the Good Times” which sit atop dance-infused instrumentation, putting TWINSCALE in a space between electronic and alternative. Whether vocally (Sean Jeria) or instrumentally (Steven Jeria), both brothers bring the best of their respective talents but it’s through TWINSCALE that the pair carve out their own musical identity in collaboration with each other. 

TWINSCALE encourage fans to share a photo memory with friends to Instagram. By tagging @twinscaleofficial and #RTGT, fans are given a chance to win a personalized getaway package, including a Polaroid camera and film to capture those good times forever.

“We’re facing very difficult times right now, so we hope these songs bring more light into peoples’ lives. We need to remember to always lead with love and to not only remember the good times, but to make the best of times. Heal yourself first, and you will heal the world.” – TWINSCALE

Let’s Pretend” brings a positive outlook on uncertain times. To a world in disarray, this record pays homage to reconnection and seeing past the separation.

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