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Tristan de Liège Releases Meditative Masterpiece in ‘Jioni’

IN ANTICIPATION OF HIS NEW ALBUM, TRISTAN DE LIÈGE RELEASED A SERENE NEW TRACK FOR LISTENERS – “JIONI.”In his latest single, the L.A. based producer creates a meditative, downtempo soundscape of Eastern instruments. Tristan says he found inspiration in the music of Japan and Indonesia and incorporated a lot of that sound into his own productions.

Lush layers of strings and woodwinds give the instrumental piece a distinctly textured sound but still remains simple and peaceful.

“It’s often very powerful to have small and simple melodies. Music doesn’t need to be complicated to be emotionally powerful.” Tristan de Liège

As the second single released for his upcoming album with Loci Records – also home to the atmospheric mogul Emancipator – “Jioni” gives listeners an ear for the sounds of his upcoming release. In a sprawling 18 tracks, Tristan says Kosame sonically captures a wide variety of human emotions and energies in ever track, from acoustic ballads to infectious house beats.

Stream “Jioni now, and look out for the release of Kosame on April 13, 2018.

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