Anonymous Artist Tripp St. is 'Livin' With Sonic New Release [Listen]
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Anonymous Artist Tripp St. is ‘Livin’ With Sonic New Release [Listen]

Hiding behind anonymity, Tripp St. is back today to share the second single from forthcoming debut LP, Welcome to Tripp St.. “Livin” follows the lead single “I Am Back” as Tripp St. carves a unique path within the funk and bass space via CloZee’s label, Odyzey Music.

The anonymous artist debuted March 17th, 2020 with their remix of CloZee’s “Long Live the Chill.”

Not much is known about the mysterious act, but the speculation swirling around #WhoTFisTrippSt has created a buzz. Will we find out who Tripp St. is one day?

Welcome To Tripp St. LP is out Friday, March 5.

On Tuesday, February 16, Odyzey Music launched it’s vinyl preorder for Welcome To Tripp St. – the limited edition, 180g, colored double vinyl saw 500 copies, and sold out in 30 minutes.

Featured image via artist.

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