The First Peek at 'Toy Story 4' Arrives, Reveals a Deep New Character [Watch]

The First Peek at ‘Toy Story 4’ Arrives, Reveals a Deep New Character [Watch]

A small teaser trailer for Pixar’s Toy Story 4 dropped today, hinting at a new strange relationship between our heroes and new toy: forky. 

If you recall, our friendly toys are now living happily ever after with Bonnie after Andy passed them onto her at the end of Toy Story 3. But our new character Forky, played by Tony Hale of Arrested Development, causes some serious problems.

Forky is a spork-turned-craft-project who doesn’t identify as a toy at all, so he’d prefer not to go on any adventures. As you can tell from the teaser, all is well until Forky makes an appearance.

“A utensil’s existential crisis? I’m in!” – Forky

Earlier this month, Tom Hanks, who has played Woody since the beginning of the franchise, hinted that the fourth movie’s ending “is a moment in history.” With that meaning, this is possibly the last movie the franchise will pump out.

Toy Story 4 is set to release on June 21, 2019 in the US!

Watch the first sneak peek below:

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