Tourist Shares Enchanting Fifth Album 'Memory Morning' [Listen]

Tourist Shares Enchanting Fifth Album ‘Memory Morning’ [Listen]

Tourist Memory Morning

Tourist does it again. Back at the forefront of electronic music, the pioneering producer has unveiled one of his most magical and organic albums yet, Memory Morning, out now on his own imprint, Monday Records. Comprised of ten tracks including five previously released singles, each song creates a rich tapestry of soundscapes, almost as if in a disorienting, dream-like trance (in the best way).

Tourist created these tracks using a simple home setup, including an OP1 synthesizer, a laptop, and a smartphone – a setup he relied on during the pandemic – and a setup he utilized during his live tour shows. Memory Morning moves beyond straightforward autobiography, adopting a mood-driven and instinctive style of electronic songwriting and composition.

Inside Memory Morning

After the successful launch of singles including “EST,” “Second Nature,” “A Little Bit Further,” “Valentine,” and his most recent, “Crush,” Tourist’s upcoming album, Memory Morning, offers a captivating blend of nostalgia and disorientation, marking a significant departure from his previous works. In discussing the creative process behind the album, Tourist reflects that Memory Morning truly lives in and was born from [his] imagination.

Tourist Memory Morning

“‘Memory Morning’ is one of those albums that really took shape as I wrote it. […] I wanted to write something that felt like it whisked you away, an album that felt like a ‘place’, its own world, somewhere you might find new corners with each listen.”

– Tourist

Exploring new sonic territories, the additional songs that fully round out the album include the album intro “Lifted Out,” “Ithaca,” “Blink,” and “Memory Morning.” If you were lucky enough to catch Tourist on tour while he was in the United States, “Ithaca” may sound familiar. “Ithaca” was the opening tune to his live sets and was a River Beats favorite from the show, give it a listen/watch below.

@riverbeatsdance @Tourist ♬ original sound – Riverbeatsdance

Organic instrumentation and dream-like soundscapes continue with the album intro, “Lifted Out,” an organic piano intro leading us throughout the melody incorporated with soft angelic harmonizations. “Blink” is a slow build; when listening to this, I imagine running through a forest trying to find your way, a feeling that matches with Tourist’s sentiment of wanting the listener to feel whiskey away, “an album that felt like a place.” The conclusion to the album, “Memory Morning” is the perfect finale.

Who is Tourist?

Growing up in London and Cornwall, Tourist developed a deep affection for rave music heard on pirate radio broadcasts and in club environments, leading to a profound appreciation for the melodic nuances of house and synth-pop, which have become integral to Tourist’s signature sound. Through numerous EPs, Tourist has demonstrated remarkable versatility and creativity by remixing a diverse range of artists. Having garnered widespread acclaim for his previous album ‘Inside Out’, Tourist continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide with his innovative sound and soulful melodies.

Tourist is currently on the EU leg of his tour with stops coming up in Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw, Poland, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Lisbon, Portugal, and more.

Tourist Tour
Tourist Tour

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