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Stream Toro y Moi’s New Album ‘Outer Peace’ A Week Early [Listen]

Toro Y Moi Outer Peace Artwork

Chillwave aficionado Toro Y Moi just shared his newest studio album, Outer Peace, a week early via NPR’s First Listen series.

The ever-talented producer Toro Y Moi keeps evolving. His newest album Outer Peace is a proud nod to his signature style as he simultaneously welcomes the challenge to refine his sound. The ten-track release makes space for a variety of genres, including some of the producer’s most experimental material to date.

Outer Peace breaks out with the retro dance lead track “Fading.” The theme continues on other high-energy psychedelic dance standouts like “Laws of the Universe” and “Who Am I.” Toro Y Moi’s downtempo production and experimental vocals shine on tracks like “New House” and “Baby Drive It Down.” Also included in the release are the quirky funk tracks “Ordinary Pleasure” and “Freelance,” debuted last month.

Speaking to NPR about the album, Toro Y Moi notes the closing track “50 50” featuring Philadelphia-based electronic producer Instupendo as his current personal favorite, stating:

“It’s more of a straightforward pop song, and that’s something that I’ve always been afraid to attack: something that’s so simple, it’s just a sub and vocals with Auto-Tune. To me, that recipe was always like, ‘Eh, that’s cliché.’ But to take those cliché elements and try to do something fresh with it was the challenge, and I really enjoyed that.”
-Toro Y Moi

As part of today’s news, Toro Y Moi also shared a mini-documentary via Illroots. In the video, he breaks down the concept behind Outer Peace and his vision for the upcoming live tour.

Outer Peace is available for preorder ahead of its 1/18 release on Carpark Records. Check out the interview from Toro y Moi below and stream Outer Peace via NPR here!

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