River Beats Presents: Five of our Top Influential Electronic Tracks of 2017

River Beats Presents: Five of our Top Influential Electronic Tracks of 2017

2017 was a revitalizing year for the music industry. Electronic music continued to make its name as a genre that is only gaining more popularity, and becoming a larger staple in music varieties as a whole. The genre seems to surround people with fun, unique, and positive vibes they were grasping for amidst all the negatives from the year. With each year, electronic music is fusing itself into all genres, it can be hard these days to find a track that is not an electronic crossover.

As we all start into 2018 full of resolutions and excitement for what’s to come: here are five of the most influential songs of 2017. Carry these tracks with you as you 

1. “Light” by Han Solo

San Holo released this single at the very end of 2016 only to have it sky-rocket all the way through the new year. This song was arguably the top feel-good song of 2018. Remixes of “Light” are everywhere and used regularly in sets from both well-established artists to artists on the rise. None of us left a festival without hearing this song dropped at least once. It immediately puts a smile on peoples faces as they sing along to every single word.

2. “Silence” by Marshmello Feat. Khalid

Love him or hate him, Marshmello has made a huge impact on the scene these past few years. “Silence” featuring Khalid was one of the songs that put EDM back on the radio. “Silence” allowed a portal for people to explore more into the genre of music by featuring Khalid, a singer and songwriter who has been on top of the charts all year.

3. “Relax” by Rezz

How could we talk about influential songs and not have Rezz on our radar. She hit the ground running in 2017 with a new sound that is hard to understand but still draws people in. Her Mass Manipulation album was hypnotizing, just as intended. “Relax” is the song that starts the album. No one will ever forget their first Rezz show and hearing the eerie voice come over the speaker to say “Just take a nice breath in…” then throwing the audience into a deep bass line and seeing the crowd around you move back and forth in perfect rhythm.

4. “Chicken Soup” by Skrillex and Habstrakt

Probably not a song first thought about when thinking about this list. But this list wouldn’t be complete without taking at least one of the songs from the HOWSLA collaborative album. So many songs took off after its release, but “Chicken Soup” was the most widely used by an array of different artists throughout the year which is why it made the cut. This song helped put house music back on the charts.

5. “Stay For It” by RL Grime Feat. Miguel

RL Grime made an exciting comeback this year after a long plateau after his infamous release of “Core”. “Stay For It” featuring Miguel was the leading song for his new come up and brought forth a whole new excitement for the reigning trap music king. This song is influential because it marks new growth and inspired other artists to follow suit.

Hear are some other great songs that you are sure to keep hearing through 2018

“Something Just Like This” | “I Want You” “Super Human” “Feel the Power” “Where’d U Go

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