Top 10 Dance Music Artists

Top 10 Dance Music Artists

We get to experience music in different waves of emotions and expressed them through various means. Some pour their hearts out whenever they listen to an exciting or sad genre, while others prefer to dance. 

Many music artists in the latter will make you get up from your seat in a club, festival, or at home to dance to the rhythm. These artistes set the mood by dropping beats that create motivation to move your body.

The Chainsmokers

Fans of this duo are in love with their unique taste of beats to their songs that lead them into spontaneous dancing. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have proven to have no chills when it comes to their electric set of songs that come in handy with flawless moves. If you do not limit the time of listening to their music, you may end up getting an overuse.

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Known for his all-white cylindrical helmet, which identifies him on eminent music platforms. People worldwide have risen to like his inescapable synth chords that send them craving for more of his performances. The hard-working DJ-producer has ever since produced more of his dance songs in some featuring famous artists.

Major Lazer

No one knew any better how this amazing trio would have come up with an erotic music track that leaves fans guessing for more. You will find it very hard to contain your feels once you hear their name pop up on a playlist. Their songs that cover diverse cultures often give you a burst out into spontaneous dancing.


The electronic pop duo rose to higher ranks in the dancehall music category after releasing their hit album A Moment Apart. Their songs thump so hard that even your teeth can feel its effect. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight express their emotional journey of epic proportions to their fans who, in turn, let it out in a series of dance moves.


The electronic music artiste always sends a blind eye to fans in his creed using his nomadic music beats. His songs have beaten the odds by getting the selfie-video treatment accompanied by dance moves. His productions are a means of dance for student learning.

Steve Aoki

The successful DJ and label producer never stop creating amazing music dance hits even through collaboration with other renowned artists. This led him into the production of a series of albums whose beats have left his fans wild with dance movements.


He produces hit dance music songs inspired by different eras. He once did a rave music party back from the 90s, which brought him to the limelight. This recognition has since made fans love his productions, especially those who love getting nostalgic.

Calvin Harris

The electronic dance music star earned himself favor from many fans across the globe for many years now. He has seen to produce hit songs that have had a wave of radio dominance and played in huge festivals. He featured in Billboard’s top dance music artists and has proven not to let go of the position anytime soon.


Kygo is a master of creating dance remixes and his creations never disappoint when it comes to dancing. He has a way of evoking the mind and the spirit of his fans into action. The dance-pop producer does this by mixing songs in an artistic way to create beats that provoke you to move. 

Martin Garrix

The forbidden voices you get to listen to whenever his songs come up ignite the inner soul and body to movement. Tagging a friend to his concerts would leave both of you deep into the movement of the body muscles. You would not mind getting scared to be lonely during this whole ti


The thrilling sound of music is soothing to the ear and when accompanied by the right dance moves creates an amazing outlook. The right beats inspire the moves that bring the whole body into action, making you sway your hips and break your bones to the rhythm. Listening to the best will make you achieve uttermost satisfaction that leaves you in a healthy state of mind and soul. This feeling of fulfillment is great and it leaves people around you guessing what turned around in your life.

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