Tonner Erupts With New Single 'Volcano'
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TONNER Erupts With New Single ‘Volcano’ [Listen]

With his acclaimed 2020 EP ‘Whispers in the Dark,’ Tonner stepped out from behind the scenes and into the limelight.

After producing and touring with dozens of artists over nearly 10 years, Tonner finally established himself as an artist in his own right. “As a producer, I simply focus on helping an artist make music that they want to hear,” says Tonner. “That’s exactly what I’m out to do with my songs. I wouldn’t release anything unless it feels 100% real to me.”

In between his continuing work as a full time member of TikTok indie breakout band The 502s, Tonner spent the last couple years trickling out new solo songs and videos at a regular clip. These songs will culminate in his first full length album, ‘Walls Come Down,’ taking both his sound and his songwriting into new territory.

Today he is back with the first single off of the aforementioned LP via “Volcano”. The indie-pop jam is a hybrid infused track that highlights his versatility and is well worth the listen! Tonner’s album Walls Come Down is due out in September 2022, and will feature the “Volcano” and more music. Keep your eyes on Tonner!

“The lyrics for this song are directly inspired by the fires on the Gulf of Mexico last year. Living in Florida influences me in a lot of ways consciously and subconsciously, and not just musically but in the way I see the world. So the tropical touches are a bit ironic given the subject matter but they also reflect my environment and being very close to the effects of climate change.

I swim a lot for exercise and sometimes I get song ideas when I do, so I have to keep them in my head until I can get it down somehow. This is one of those songs. Climate and pollution are these huge problems that are swirling around us all the time, but it feels like there’s not a lot that any one person can do, almost like we’re waiting to be sacrificed to it. All we can do is keep swimming.”Tonner

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