Todd Helder Takes Off On 'NASA' Collab With Cesqeaux [Listen+Interview]

On the heels of his recent 8-bit inspired collab with Cesqeaux, River Beats caught up with rising producer Todd Helder to discuss releasing on Martin Garrix’s STMPD, his video game influences, and plenty more.

After notching a contest-winning remix of Marshmello‘s “Alone” that was subsequently heard around the world, Todd Helder has only kept reaching higher. The twenty-one year old Dutch producer wields his unique video-game inspired sound with force, framing glitches and heavy percussion into a massive main stage trap sound.

As such, it’s fitting that fellow Dutch powerhouse Martin Garrix first premiered Todd HelderCesqeaux‘s new collab “NASA” in epic fashion at Rai Amsterdam 2019. This month, Helder and Cesqeaux released the single on Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS along with their own retro video game, “Rave Invaders,” to complement the track.

River Beats caught up with the young producer to talk “NASA“, life as a producer, and more in an exclusive interview below.

RB: You’ve just released your newest single “NASA” on Martin Garrix‘s label, STMPD. What does it mean to you to be releasing on STMPD?

TH: “What I like the most about STMPD is their interest in new talented artists; they are not afraid to take risks if they really believe in the music. They have a small but powerful and personal team and I always love to just drop by in their studio for feedback and new ideas! Being part of STMPD is a big honour to me, and I’m sure to other members as well.”

Video games are a huge source of inspiration for you, and “NASA” even came with a custom video game called “Rave Invaders”. With a quickly rising career, how do you keep a balance between producing and making time for video games?

“I’m super happy how the game ‘Rave Invaders’ turned out! I’ve made for myself a weekly schedule which I try to follow, for example I go to the gym at 10 till 11:30. After that I produce music from 13:00h till 18:00h, and the rest of the day I either play video games or go to the cinema with my friend (or produce music if I feel like).”

Outside of video games, where else do you find inspiration?

“If I don’t have inspiration, I usually go to the cinema to get my head clear and get inspiration from all these amazing music scores, or I will hang out with some friends and play soccer outside.”

You found success remixing Marshmello at the beginning of your career. Can you take us through how life has changed since then?

“It’s been hella crazy! If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I’d see myself today, it sure wouldn’t have been this as it was only a dream of mine at the time.”

At just 21 years old, you’re making some major moves pretty quickly. What’s been the biggest lesson learned so far?

“Get rid of negative vibes and focus on the future!”

You haven’t yet made your US debut, but hopefully someday soon! What would be your dream US festival to play?

“That would be insane! I’ve made for myself a goal list, and there are a few festivals which I hope to play in the near future: Coachella, EDC & Ultra Miami. To be honest, Coachella is a bit too crazy, but people always told me to aim big.. so why not! LETS do it!”

What’s next for Todd Helder?

“Working on some secret stuff which I can’t wait to share with y’all, so keep an eye on my socials @toddhelder! Thank u for having me <3″

Be sure to check out “NASA” from Todd Helder and Cesqeaux below and see if you can make it to the top of the leaderboard on Rave Invaders!

Featured photo courtesy of artist.
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