River Beats Premiere: TNERTLE Shows Live Electronica is Alive & Well With 'Took Too Much'
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River Beats Premiere: TNERTLE Shows Live Electronica is Alive & Well With 'Took Too Much'

Tnertle Live

Denver’s live electronica group Tnertle has a new single itching to be released. Although it’s slated for release tomorrow, TNERTle gave River Beats and our fans exclusive access.

“Took Too Much” is a playfully somber track that shines with layers of horns and strings. This is the band’s newest release since last year’s full-length album Burning Down the Sun

“It could have easily been turned into an island reggae cabana-chillin track but I heard more than that in the chord progression and the actual sound itself. I dillied and dallied with some obscure vocal samples and they started to tell me what this song was going to be about.” – Trent Campbell , Tnertle composer

What started with Trent Campbell and Kyle Ayervais merging their Berklee College of Music chops has blossomed into a full 8-piece lineup. Fans of Griz, Opiuo, and Break Science should definitely give these guys a listen. 

Recently signed to The Empire Agency, home to the likes of Cofressi, Exmag, & dozens of other forward-thinking artists, TNERTLE is hitting markets throughout the U.S. over the duration of 2019. One of their biggest performances yet comes on March 16th. The band is slated to headline The Bluebird Theater in their hometown of Denver, Colorado for the very first time. 

Stream TNERTLE’s new single “Took Too Much” 


Get more information on Tnertle’s upcoming shows here.

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