Skrillex Weighs in With TMZ on R Kelly Situation: 'Pulling his Complicated' [Watch]
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Skrillex Weighs in With TMZ on R Kelly Situation: ‘Pulling his Music…is Complicated’ [Watch]

R Kelly has resurfaced these past few weeks after the “Surviving R Kelly” documentary premiered on Lifetime. The documentary detailed years of alleged sexual and physical abuse against young women by R Kelly.

Since it’s release R Kelly & Sony Music parted ways in a “mutual agreement.” The artist’s music will be shelved indefinitely by the label. While Sony & RCA Records are taking action, others have said they will not pull down music they share with the R&B singer, including Jay-Z. The two share several collaborative projects together. 

With Jay-z’s announcement, TMZ seized on the moment to ask Skrillex’s take on the entire situation. This isn’t really a formal interview, and you can see Skrillex is caught off guard for most of it. It’s rare for Skrillex to weigh in on such high profile incidents, but he clearly states Jay-z’s choices are his choices to make. 

The producer added the entire situation is very complicated, and “a lot of bad things happen in history, you can’t just turn away from them and pretend they don’t exist.” In the end, hate or like it, the producer has a valid point.   

Watch the full TMZ video below. 


H/T: Your EDM & TMZ 

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