Tisoki Releases Single 'Evil as Hell' Along with New Spooky Music Video

With so many artists releasing new horror-themed productions during Halloween, you don’t want to miss what Tisoki has created in spirit of the holiday. Already known for his haunting melodies, this dubstep producer also just released chilling new single “Evil as Hell.”

Listen to “Evil as Hell” and check out his thoughts on the new release and music video for it below!

River Beats: Your song “Evil as Hell” couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. Is Halloween one of the major themes behind producing this song, or is there more inspiration behind its creation than that?

“I originally started the record just out of the blue. I never thought to have it be a Halloween-themed song, but after hearing the chord progression and the overall vibe of it, it kinda naturally fell into that category. I don’t think I could ever make a song specifically for someone so I’m glad it turned out this way.”

Your video for the song encapsulates a majority of dark themes. How did it feel to play a part of the video?
“Felt awesome! It was great to shoot kinda random non-directed B-roll and know that it would be cut and edited into something awesome afterwards. I always had this vision of a music video being a super long tedious task, but this was just fun.”

What does this song and video mean to you in how you express yourself as an artist, and how do you think it will contribute to you continuously making a bigger and bigger name for yourself in the bass world?
“I think it just shows the fact that I’m versatile, and whenever I apply myself to a project, that I can execute it to the best of my ability every time. In terms of contributing to my overall project, I look at it more as just another chapter rather than a full story, so I’m already thinking about the next release already.”

You can listen to this eerie new single now on all platforms. Also, check out Tisoki’s spooky new music video down below!

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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