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Tiigers Delivers the Bone-Shattering ‘Alpha EP’ [Listen]

Following the release of “Blood” and “Screws,” Tiigers presents Alpha. The EP is comprised of five tracks featuring the duo’s heavily eclectic sound. Beginning with cinematically ominous vibes, the release features a barrage of eviscerating sound design and intriguing rhythms.

In addition to the two previous singles, Tiigers unleashed “Alpha,” “Phi,” and “Omega.” While clearly adhering to the duo’s cutting edge sound, each track stands out individually.

Tiigers, an Italian duo formed by Damiano and Federico, are a solid addition to any “Artists To Watch” list. They’ve gained support and collaborated with names such as Kai Wachi, Obscenity, Chime, Felmax, and more. Their body of work contains releases via Never Say Die, NSD: Black Label, and Most Addictive Records.

Listen to Alpha below.

Featured image provided by the artist.

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