Throwback Thursday: Listen to ODESZA Perform at LIB in 2013

Throwback Thursday: Watch ODESZA Perform at Lightning in a Bottle 2013

Stumbling upon an oldie is the best feeling… and that’s exactly how I felt after finding this very special set from ODESZA at Lightning in a Bottle 2013.

In this magical set, the duo plays some tunes featured in previous albums and tunes that are still unreleased to this day.

Over the past few years, ODESZA have amassed a huge following of fans all over the world. Within the past year alone, they released their 3rd album [A Moment Apart] and went on a worldwide tour. This summer, they continue the momentum with multiple festivals sets all spread throughout the USA and Europe/Australia. They strive to make their fanbase proud to be an ODESZA every day.

watch their full set below. Shoutout to Do LaB for always recording sets that live on forever!

The track list includes some classic ODESZA tracks that fans still hear during shows today. There are some rarities in the list which the boys never play/haven’t played since this very set. The “Dreeamz” by BeachesBeaches [Clayton’s previous artist name] is an example of this; this set is the only time the track has been heard live. The “Unknowns edits/remixes” below are still unknown to this day, which is kind of cool to think about! Will we ever get these tunes?


0:463:47 If There’s Time
3:486:51 Don’t Stop
6:528:40 How Did I Get Here
8:4110:42 I Want You
10:4314:04 White Lies
14:0516:26 Hey Now
19:48 Above The Middle
19:4923:05 Rely
23:0625:58 dreeamz BeachesBeaches
25:5928:26 Unknown live edit
28:2732:14 Saola Remix
32:1535:47 LLC BeachesBeaches – Now Late Night by ODESZA
35:4838:44 iplayyoulisten
38:4541:23 Sunmodels
41:2444:21 Unreleased remix
44:2246:59 Unknown live edit
51:00 Keep Her Close
51:0054:00 My Friends Never Die

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