RYDER – Pretty Little Gangster (Throw Parties Remix) [Listen Here]

RYDER – Pretty Little Gangster (Throw Parties Remix) [Listen Here]

Why do we like it?

Im personally a huge fan of anything that has a certain melodic vibe to it. I’ve been high on Illenium and Gryffin for some time now, so when i discovered this remix from a young LA producer named Throw Parties I had to share with our fanbase.

The song is a great compliment to the original, and it’s chill vibes are perfect for the summer time. 

There is little to be known about Throw Parties, as this is his first song uploaded to soundcloud, but we will have to keep an eye out for his next few releases. Stream the melodic remix to RYDER’s – Pretty Little Gangster below! 

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