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Dive into the Depths of Third Floor’s ’12 Months’ [River Beats Premiere]

After a ~6 month hiatus from his last release to now, Third Floor returns with his newest single: “12 months.” The Australian producer relies heavily on the journey that music can take you on, and this release is no different. “12 months” is a heartfelt and energetic ballad about the end of a relationship, along with the toll it can leave on you both mentally and physically.

“12 months” initially draws the listener in with vocals crooning: “Like some kind of magic touch / your charm hit me like a punch / I didn’t see it coming.” Third Floor explains this specific kind of feeling as a “love hangover.”

“You can’t stop thinking about the person who left you, as you’re still in love with them despite the way they treated you and you can’t move on.”

– Third Floor

Despite being about heartbreak, “12 months” is backed by infectiously bouncy production and rhythmic guitar riffs quietly leading the way. It’s the perfect summer bop to play pool-side as you mend that broken heart.

Give “12 months” a listen:

Check out my other favorite Third Floor song, “Oceans,” below:

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