Things to Do While You're Stuck Inside the House from Coronavirus

Things to Do While You're Stuck Inside the House from Coronavirus

Bored yet? As everyone gets ready for the “hunker-down” period that is inevitably coming, many are trying to fill their time with activities and things to do around the house while stuck inside from Coronavirus.

Besides eating all your snackies and binging literally everything on Netflix – there are some more productive ways to stay calm and maybe even come out of this a little better off than before. 

Here are some brilliant ideas we came up with to stay busy during the “social distancing” period of the 2020 Coronavirus:

Living Room Dance Party Live Stream

^ Really bored? Feel free to check out this 10 minutes of internet gold 

Since so many events and social gatherings are getting canceled – it’s important to keep your mind clear and enjoy some FUN! Also – getting those ansty dancies out will help so much with the collective anxiety that’s been building. This is one of our favorite things to do – even when it’s not Coronavirus related. 

So get out those fun lights, your flow toys, and check out some live streams. (Now that events are getting canceled – tons of them are moving to online so check with your favorite promoters to see who’s still putting on events) Beyond Wonderland SoCal is doing an online virtual festival next weekend. 

Build a TP Fort 

Since there has to be some of you out there with MASS SUPPLIES OF TOILET PAPER THAT THERE’S NO WAY YOU’RE GONNA USE – might as well build a fort with it.

All jokes aside – building a fort indoors is a SUPER fun way to pass the time and then you have a cozy little spot for your snacking and binge-watching. LOL, probably a good idea to make sure all house residents are on board before beginning construction. 

Spring Cleaning 

This is a good time to sweep those floorboards, wipe those fan blades, clean up your fort, and really get your life organized. Those clothes thrown all over your closet? That DIY shelf you bought a few months ago? This is a great time to reorganize, prioritize and get those solid self-care routines down pact. 

Bonus points if you can have as much fun as Trey Kennedy while doing it!

Learn Something New! 

Do you have an instrument sitting around the house you’ve been wanting to learn? (Guilty) Or an art project you’ve been wanting to finish? (Yep) Try out some new recipes or combine some of those leftovers together to create something totally new. 

If you really get bored, meal-prepping for those times you don’t feel like cooking will come in handy. There are tons of resources for learning skills online. Who knows? Maybe Billie Eilish will like your cover so much she’ll repost ya. 


*LE GASP* Oh come on now – we were all thinking it! In the realm of self-care (and social distancing), it doesn’t hurt to let go of some of that stress. 

Known to release endorphins and other feel-good vibes sometimes a little self-love is a healthy way to stay on the up & up (Just make sure you wash those hands!!) 😛 Maybe PornHub will follow suit in America and give streamers free access like in Italy. 

Most importantly, throughout all this – focus on staying relaxed and taking great care of yourself. (Here’s a link to an awesome positivity meditation) While there are some things you can and many things you cannot control, it’s important not to panic and be in fear of the future.

It’s understandable to be worried, but if you have to – make a side by side list of things you can and can’t control. That should help put things into perspective. Be prepared, stay safe, but remember that we will get through this together. 

WE Hope this has given you a few laughs along the way. stay safe out there friends & keep ya head up. What are some activities you’re looking forward to during this extended staycation?

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