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There’s an Instagram Account that Mashes Up 90s Exercise Videos With Old-School House Tracks

Here’s a little something to cure your impending work week blues. Instagram account dailyhousetrack combines clips of 90s workout videos with old-school house tracks, giving you plenty of inspiration for new moves to try out at the club. It seems the user has a winning formula to combine nostalgia and weekend vibes.

Check out some highlights below:




This account isn’t just a resource for expanding your repertoire of dance moves – it’s also a great place to discover quality house tracks. dailyhousetrack‘s owner was courteous enough to provide a link with the full tracklist from all the posts in the feed. And if that wasn’t enough, they also provide links to purchase each single via Discogs.

What inspired this strangely intuitive project? And more importantly, how does anybody manage to collect this much cheesy 90s exercise video footage? We’ll leave this one unanswered while we sweat away the weekend’s toxins.

Follow dailyhousetrack HERE.

Feature image courtesy of Greatist.

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