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TheFatRat Announces Digital Card Collection with RCRDSHP

Gaming music star TheFatRat, known for his popular hits “Unity” and “Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)”, is launching his own digital card collection in partnership with first-of-breed electronic music digital collectibles platform RCRDSHP.

For 12 weeks starting today TheFatRat will be releasing one drop per week every Friday (excluding Holidays) . Each drop will contain limited-edition collectibles drawn from different sets that will add to the immersive world of TheFatRat’s lore-filled musical world from his debut album PARALLAX, consisting of his amazing projects and exciting ideas. This collection is a way for fans to get closer to the mysterious and private artist that TheFatRat is. His world has been growing steadily over the past few years, and now, cards can be traded through RCRDSHP’s unique platform and may increase in value over time.

The collectibles’ content ranges from pixel art animations paired with synthwave remix loops and storylines, to character, artist, collaborator and classic track cards along with commentary provided by TheFatRat. First Drop Available Now via RCRDSHP HERE.

When asked to speak about his partnership with RCRDSHP, TheFatRat said, “What RCRDSHP is doing for NFTs is similar to what Binance and Coinbase did for Bitcoin. They are changing the game by making crypto technology accessible for everybody.”

As an artist with over 2 billion streams to his name and a reputable status as one of the leading creators of video game music, TheFatRat is arguably the most digitally-native music producer in the game. He had the privilege of creating music for top-of-the-chart games such as DOTA 2 and Rocket League, releasing best-selling singles that continuously stay in the iTunes Top 100 chart for three years straight.

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