The Waakan Takeover: Lucii and Champagne Drip Go For Joy on 'Me and You' [Listen]

The Wakaan Takeover: Champagne Drip and Lucii Go For Joy on 'Me and You' [Listen]

After a dynamite 2019, two essential names in the Wakaan roster of heavyweight have released an uplifting track with titanic scope.

Me and You” from Champagne Drip and Lucii sound like one bold victory lap. Lucii’s tender vocals separated her from the pack on last year’s “Neptune,” and added a new emotional tamber to her music, spanning wistful croons and genuine heartbreak. Champagne Drip made some of our favorite crushing Wakaan tunes in recent memory on his Starman EP last year, but he’s also shown a talent for sweeping, panoramic soundscapes (Kaleidoscope Eyes, Eternal Now with LSDream).

In effect, the confidence the duo have expressed in new textures have met at a catchy crossroads. Lucii sounds absolutely sweet pitched across the bounding midtempo pulse, equal parts thrilled, light and direct. She refrains from overburdening the track with her voice, and instead glides right across the track’s reflective surface, weightless and reverb-laden.

For such a sweet song to keep its core from becoming gooey, the duo went for a rock-solid rhythm, echoing elements of Liquid Stranger’sBurn Like Sun.” The shimmering crescendo is the center of the track, giving a no-nonsense weight to the zero-gravity optimism. Where so many tracks of the sort veer into a sickly saccharine territory, Lucii and Champagne Drip made a confetti drop anthem with plenty of bites.

We talk so much about Wakaan’s impact from an angle of innovation when it comes to the dizzying, weird bass music they’ve become a magnet for. Still, innovation screams for braving territory apart from what a collective is known for, which Liquid Stranger has picked up on in announcing his new downtempo offshoot “Sskwan.” He’s challenged his own conventions, and it appears Lucii and Champagne Drip have followed suit.

By playing to their sound design strengths and developing their departures further, they’ve made a confident, exuberant track that signals one interesting 2020 for both of them.

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