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The Groove Master Engelwood Releases ‘Yacht World’ Album [Listen]

The groove master Engelwood blends Funk, Soul, Disco, Tropical and pure good vibes in his new 15-track album, ‘Yacht World,’ featuring the hit single “Crystal Dolphin.”

24-year-old Brooklyn-born hip-hop/electronic music producer Engelwood draws on influences from producers like Flamingosis and Vanilla as well as Japanese Funk and Soul music. His music has been described as the soundtrack to your trip to the beach. He blends Funk, Soul, and Tropical music together to create a unique fusion of sounds you can relax to or dance to. Engelwood’s past albums include 2017’s Hotel Wood and Boardwalk Bumps in 2018 which spawned two sequels.

Yacht World is a delectable collection of good vibes and jams spanning across multiple genres including Funk, Soul, Disco, and Tropical. The project includes five fan-favorite singles, “Lovin’ is Everywhere,” “Need Somebody” featuring iamalex, “Immaculate Taste,” “Congo Bongo,” and the soon-to-be RIAA certified Gold record, “Crystal Dolphin,” which has taken TikTok by storm with over 5 million videos being made by fans around the world.

The album also introduces ten new funky, soulful original songs like the project’s opener, “Feel The Magic,” along with “Tasty Jam,” “Dance Dance,” and “Ultralord.” The project as a whole is a blissful recipe to brighten your day and get you dancing.

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