The Geek X Vrv Drops Transcendent LP 'Time Machine' [Listen]

French funk juggernauts The Geek X VRV recently unleashed a must-listen full length that defies space and time.

If you’re familiar with The Geek X Vrv‘s tunes, versatility is probably one of the first words that comes to mind. The Parisian duo taps into MPC-style hip-hop beats and future bass with a distinct affinity for funk, creatively intermixing the styles with plenty of groove. Today, The Geek pushes the span and scope of their influence even further with their brand new LP Time Machine.

Time Machine‘s twelve tracks affectionately nod to an era that loosely fits each track’s sonic structure. Reaching as far back as 1831 with Kanagawa Waves 1831‘s delightful Eastern instrumentation up to the quintessentially wavy Electric City 2015, the duo craft a narrative of evolving sound throughout.

Time Machine features the standout Gramatik collaboration Royale with G’s 2013 along with appearances from Fakear, Møme, Balkan Bump and many more. Royale delivers whomping percussion and intricate funky synths while tracks like Oh Baby 1939 and Time Machine 1985 are powerhouse dance-floor jams. I’m especially psyched to see that the massive closer from The Geek X Vrv’s 2019 Summer Mix made the album as Payeng’s Ark 1979.

The sonic contrast reaches its peak on the Time Machine‘s last two tracks; Keep Moving Up 1978‘s aggressive bassline and guitar riffs are beautifully dissimilar from the soothing jazzy break. Paris Jazz Club 1920 follows, with Anomalie bringing the most nuanced instrumentation of the album with an incredible piano performance.

Check out the new LP from The Geek X Vrv below and let us know what you think!

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