The Best New Shoegaze Album Nobody's Heard Of
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The Best New Shoegaze Album Nobody’s Heard Of

Aimlessly browsing Beatport isn’t the worst way to spend one’s free time. Especially if it results in unexpectedly amazing discoveries…like an unknown shoegaze album from a New Orleans artist.

Marker is the name of Mike Wilkinson’s venture into the shoegaze genre. His debut album, out on the Medical Records label since July 21st, hasn’t generated any local buzz. Nor has it generated any national buzz. It’s remarkable and unfortunate, because this album is really damn good.

Marker is a solid listen from start to finsh.

There are no filler tracks here, and all 10 fit the archetype of “shoegaze” without sounding monotonous. Everything from the guitar riffs, to the echoing drums, to the indecipherable lyrics give the sensation of dissociating and floating on air.

Highlight tracks include “Identification of a Woman,” “Now I Know What You Really Think,”  “The Memory,” and “Come Out”. But again, all of the tracks are solid and the album is worth listening to from start to finish.

Stream Marker via Spotify below:

If you like what you heard, support the artist directly via his Bandcamp page. For fans of shoegaze, this album delivers a sound that stays true to the roots of the genre.

Pitchfork, take notes. It might be time to start paying attention to releases from Medical Records.

Feature image courtesy of Marker.

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