The Best Dance Tracks of September (So Far)

The Best Dance Tracks of September (So Far)

September is the music world’s equivalent of Academy Awards season. This September in particular has an almost endless supply of album and EP releases.

Dance music is no exception. From debut albums to surprise remixes, the releases from the first half of this month are nothing short of remarkable. Quantity and quality are the themes here.

There’s a lot of music to sift through, so we saved you all the work and did some digging ourselves. Whether you’re a DJ or casual fan, these tracks will make you want to move or get you in your feelings.

Below are 7 hand-picked tracks that are some of the best of what September has to offer. A Spotify playlist is also available at the end of this list.

1. Bicep – “Rain”

It seems unfair to expect nothing less than excellence from Bicep. Expectations or not, they consistently deliver.

What can we say? It pays off to do your homework. With an extensive background in crate-digging and music blogging, the dance music duo have a huge knowledge base at their disposal.

“Rain” is by far the most pleasant surprise from their eponymous debut album. It samples a Bollywood track from the 70s, something that Bicep has never done before. With an ethereal instrumental to back the vocal sample, there’s no doubt that it can work a dance floor into a fever pitch.

2. Crackazat – Proton Blue

Crackazat’s jazz-influenced house music is always a delight to listen to. “Proton Blue” is yet another catchy, delightful tune. It crescendos, comes back down, and crescendos again. Something about this track also evokes the cosmos. This new release could very well be a soundtrack for space exploration.

3. Patrick Topping – Dr. Vibes

Look for this track to infiltrate dance floors in clubs around the world. Featuring vocal samples from Green Velvet, this tech house track fills the prescription for booming bass and an accompanying instrumental that beckons the listener out of their seat.

4. The xx – On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)

This surprise release is a convergence point between deep house and indie dance. And it does both amazingly well. It’s a far cry from the melodic and emotive sound of the versatile artist’s 2015 debut album In Colour. From the moment the bass line fades in, it’s clear that this is a whole new side of Jamie xx.

Recently, members of The xx revealed that they have an expansive catalog of unreleased techno tracks. With this remix, band member Jamie xx shows proof to back this statement. With this foray into something deeper and darker, he leaves the listener wanting more of this sound. Even at 6 minutes, this track feels like it ends too soon.

5. Option 4 and Worthy – Workin’

2017 is the year of option4. Or as the Denver-based DJ/producer/promoter would phrase it, the year of the “HotBoi.” With an innovative method for crowd-sourcing DJ bookings, option4 helped build Denver’s underground club scene from scratch. He’s getting a lot of press for his efforts too, deserves every bit of the spotlight.

Anyways, on to the track itself. This collaboration with Dirtybird co-founder Worthy features a soulful vocal and a satisfying build-up. Somehow, Worthy’s input acts as the “secret sauce” to make this track one of the best productions in option4’s rapidly growing catalog of releases.  “Workin'” is an appropriate title for someone as busy as option4.

6. Kiwi – Marmora’s Theme

“Marmora’s Theme” is another solid release from a producer starting to make a name for himself. The acidic bass line, the synthesizer melody, and the piano all combine to give this track a sound that evokes a Vangelis composition. A tune like this would feel right at home as a backdrop to a scene from Blade Runner: 2049.

7. LCD Soundsystem – black screen

This is more of an emotional end-of-set ballad than dancefloor anthem, but it’s still LCD Soundsystem at their finest. In typical LCD Soundsystem fashion, they saved the best and most moving track of the album for last.

The piano that comes in during the second half of the track is pure bliss. If it sounds this good in a studio recording, it should sound even more amazing live.

Enjoy the first half of September’s best dance tracks in playlist form!

Note: “Dr. Vibes” by Patrick Topping is unavailable on Spotify.

Feature image courtesy of respective artists.

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