These Memes Perfectly Explain Zuckerberg's Time at Congress...and They're Hilarious
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These Memes Perfectly Explain Zuckerberg’s Time at Congress…and They’re Hilarious

Mark Zuckerberg just finished three days of testifying in front of congress regarding Facebook’s role in the Cambridge analytica scandal. 

And while Zuckerberg wasn’t exactly grilled by Congress, he did face some awkward moments as well as some hard-hitting questions from both sides of the political spectrum. 

But ultimately, that’s not why we are here. Would it be 2018 if we didn’t get some amazing memes from this whole ordeal? Because we love you guys, and really love memes, we went ahead and found some of the best currently on the internet. 

1.) The Star Trek Memes are king

2.) Yes He Had a Booster Seat 

3.) Ok This wins 

4.) The Irony 

5.) Once again, The Irony. 

6.) I Just Spit out My Food. 

7.) The Ted Cruz Memes are Literally Perfection. 

9.) We All Get Those Annoying Birthday Posts 

10.) We Can’t Deal. 


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