Eyes Everywhere Releases Hot New Remix For Tenova's 'Pump It Up' [Listen]
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Eyes Everywhere Releases Hot New Remix For Tenova’s ‘Pump It Up’ [Listen]

“Pump It Up” is Tenova‘s debut single from Golf Clap‘s Country Club Disco label. “Pump It Up” features magnetic retro synths and hypnotic vocals that build alongside a strong bass line.

The single dropped Wednesday and already has two remixes out that add unique dimension to “Pump It Up” and its infectious sound. The first being from Australian producers Cut Snake, and today River Beats premieres the second remix courtesy of Eyes Everywhere

Give “Pump It Up” the Eyes Everywhere remix a listen below:

Pump It Up from Country Club Disco on Beatport

Tenova – Pump It Up is the latest release on Country Club Disco.

Eyes Everywhere pick up the pace with a quick, intense tempo and eccentric breakbeats throughout their take on Tenova’s single. Eyes Everywhere are pushing hard in 2018, and this remix adds to an already impressive resume of shows and releases. 

Tenova quickly gained a faithful fanbase and a reputation as one to watch in the genre. Support from media outlets and artists like Claptone and Gorgon City generated lots of noise surrounding Tenova. The remixes by Eyes Everywhere and Cut Snake are sure to continue the buzz. 

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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