Teflon Sega Releases Lyrical R&B-Infused Debut Album 'Velvet Pill' [Listen]
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Teflon Sega Releases Lyrical R&B-Infused Debut Album ‘Velvet Pill’ [Listen]

Teflon Sega is an artist that makes music for every kind of person and every kind of mood. In his music, he tells a story that listeners can connect to their own life experiences. There are few artists able to do such a thing; however, Teflon Sega does it effortlessly. The electronic R&B artist taps into this lyrical side on his debut album Velvet Pill. 

When asked about the album and what people can expect, Teflon says there is…

“…music for the puffers and the lovers, music for the loners and the stoners.”

With a few single releases leading up to the official album drop – “Satellite” and “Rose Tinted View” – the 10-track project is now out in its entirety for fans. Each song features Teflon’s hypnotizing vocals and effortless beats.

Give Velvet Pill a listen in its entirety below:

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