Tcahmi x Malaa Bring House into the Future on 'No Redemption' EP [REVIEW]
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Tcahmi x Malaa Bring House into the Future on ‘No Redemption’ EP [REVIEW]

If the string of tough-as-nails future house collabs from Tchami and Malaa proved their one-two production punch was a doozy, the long-awaited “No Redemption” EP from the pair is a heavyweight knockout.

The duo played a standout show at Ultra Music Festival just weeks ago to promote No Redemption. They showcased tracks from the album, along with fierce G-House and future house tracks from Tchami’s Confession label. Their sly chemistry was unmistakable, even when their solo production styles are subtly different.

Like a wordless Run the Jewels, the duo don’t just play off each other, they blend together seamlessly. Tchami’s huge rhythm hooks light up Malaa’s shadowy backbeats in a fiendish game of cat-and-mouse over the five tracks.

Well, four tracks really. “No Redemption Intro” isn’t a house track but a synth-laden one-off with no backbeat that feels tonally canned and unnecessary.

Stream No Redemption below.


The futuristic, whistling “Summer ’99” is where Tchami and Malaa hit their bank heist stride. It’s overdriven, hypnotic groove is the most infectious on the album, pulsing wildly through the duo’s industrial house matrix. It sounds like sneaking underneath tripwires and cracking codes, very seductive.

On “Kurupt,” they delve deeper undetected. The song clicks dastardly into a nervous shuffling hysteria, anchored by the grittiest distorted synth. On “The Sermon” the production is brighter and meaner, female R&B vocals bouncing off a hard three-note house swing that doesn’t let up.

They bring it all back on “Deus,” where a tense flute builds into the an explosive getaway beat that is damn near untouchable. It’s a triumphant victory lap for a dark, seductive EP that pays deft attention to mood and momentum. Tchami and Malaa thread their house hooks through a pitch-black fabric, and they’re immensely catchy.

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