Taska Black & Duskus Drop Collab 'Be There One More Time' [Listen]

Producers Taska Black and Duskus just dropped their highly-anticipated first collaboration together called “Be There One More Time”.

With everyone stuck at home, there’s plenty of places we wish we could be just one more time. A few weeks before social distancing began, I myself was at the Madison, WI, stop of DROELOE‘s A Promise Is Made tour, where Belgian producer Taska Black opened the show. Real name Joachim Gorrebeeck, Taska Black threw down one of the funnest opening sets I’d seen in a while. Among the handful of IDs I vividly recall were his standout single “Comedown” which dropped later that night, as well as today’s special treat with DuskusBe There One More Time.

The bitbird brothers deliver a bouncy and feel-good four on the floor track, collaborating entirely over the web to make it happen. Speaking to the track’s upbeat vibe, Taska Black adds,

“Simon and I both felt like the record had something very nostalgic. It reminded me of the excitement you used to have when you were young and how that kind of happiness and excitement kind of fades away over the years. Happiness used to be in such small things like playing outside on the first day of summer break or holidays with family. This song is all about taking you back to those moments and cherishing them, make you feel again what made you smile.”

-Taska Black

The track definitely delivers a helpful dose of happiness, playing on Duskus’s whimsical vocal styling and Taska Black’s expert pop-electronic songwriting and sound design. Finding the same comfort in the track, Duskus felt an instant connection to the track, stating:

“When Joa sent me the first idea he wanted me to collaborate on I instantly felt attached. It felt as if It were something I had heard before but still felt fresh. It was a feeling of nostalgia. Like when you hear something you haven’t heard in years but when you do, it’s beautiful. After Taska sent me the project, I worked on adding my signature sound while keeping the original idea he gave. It was a nice feeling to be working at a house tempo as well as this is what I have been striving for recently. I think this song is a nice blend of both our sounds and I’m stoked to be releasing this with my good friend Joa.”-Duskus

“Be There One More Time” further raises the stakes for the two rapidly rising producers. The track follows Duskus’s late-2019 Foreign Family Collective EP release In Retrospect and his first headline shows as well as Taska Black’s standout single “Comedown“.

Check out the new single below and stay tuned for more from Duskus and Taska Black!

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